Teaching Studios

Tired of learning out of someones bedroom or make shift studio?

Want to drop the kids off in a comfortable and professional environment?

Or want to use some of the best equipment available?

Then take a look at our teaching studios. The studios are all designed and constructed to be sound proof and to sound great. We have recently upgraded our studios so they are even better.

The sound proofing and acoustic treatment not only makes the rooms sound amazing but also creates a private space to learn and create in. It always better to be in a professional environment when learning something be it music or sports or anything in between.

We also have professional equipment for you to use and have the ability to order you anything you should need for your lessons including guitars, drum sets, pianos and music literature.

So come and learn in the most professional, purpose built environment possible and not someones make shift studio or bedroom. Just another reason to come and check out Central Coast Music Factory.